About ATIG

Our insurance agency provides insurance solutions exclusively designed to save your towing or repossession business time, hassle and money. This one-of-a-kind focus on your business has helped us become the largest provider of towing and repo insurance in the U.S. We take pride in giving our customers the powerful insurance solutions they need to operate a thriving business without worrying about their coverage. We serve a wide variety of towing and repo companies, from single-truck owner operators to large companies with over 100 employees and trucks.

Since opening our doors in September 2001, we have grown from a one-man shop to a nationally recognized leader serving the towing and repossession industries. We are headquartered in Littleton, CO (formerly headquartered in Orlando, FL), and have a presence throughout the U.S. with employees in Colorado, Florida and Kentucky. We have over 80 years of combined insurance experience.

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Our Transportation Insurance Company’s Corporate Culture

It’s been said success starts at the top, and we couldn’t agree more. Our President and CEO, Charles Thompson, or “Chip,” as he is known to most, exemplifies a leader with a clear mission and a strategic vision. His dedication to his clients is equally important as his dedication to his employees.

Our agency has embraced and mastered the “team” approach to conducting business. We rely heavily on each team member’s contributions to keep our clients satisfied. Our exceptional reputation within the towing and repossession communities keeps us motivated to continuously improve our products and services.

Connections That Help New Repo and Towing Businesses Grow

If you’re just starting your towing or repossession business, we have connections that may benefit your new venture:

  • Industry contacts that may open the doors for new businesses
  • Compliance department relationships that keep you informed
  • Continuing education connections for fast access to compliance details

About American Transportation Insurance Group’s Custom Policies

Our policies are designed to meet the stringent requirements of banks and other vendors. No second-guessing your coverage or falling out of good standing with vendors due to cut-rate policies. When your clients see American Transportation Insurance Group on your insurance certificate, they know you’re a service they can trust.

Our policies feature the coverages that keep your business protected. No more juggling multiple policies to fill in the gaps. We partner with “A-rated” insurance companies to offer policies that are as powerful as they are competitive.

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New Partnerships and Programs

If you’re an insurance carrier interested in entering the towing and/or repossession market, look no further. We are always open to entertaining new partnerships and programs.

We understand the unique requirements that are vital to a successful and competitive program. Reach out to our team if you’re an insurance carrier interested in entering the towing and/or repossession market.

The team you can count on

Our team members are located throughout the country and across multiple time zones, so you have extended hours to reach us by phone or email. When you call us, you will always speak with a live person, never an automated attendant. While the insurance products we offer are highly specialized, we credit our prompt and helpful customer service with our successful 99% retention rate.

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