Employee Benefits

ATIG becomes an extension of your team to provide employee benefits tailored to your business, workforce, and long-term goals. Our team understands that protecting a person’s life, health, and general wellness allows them to focus on the task at hand and be more productive.

dental insurance


ATIG understands that it's a lot easier to smile when your mouth is healthy. That's why we offer dental insurance plans to individuals and groups.



Being positive is a great approach to life, but hoping for the best won't cover expenses related to a disability. ATIG prefers to be prepared.

group health

Group Health

Group health coverage from ATIG enables organizations to provide health benefits to their employees and their dependents.


Group Life

ATIG offers group life policies as single contracts typically owned by an employer and covering an entire group of employees.

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ATIG offers health savings account (HSA) options for individuals and groups. Pre-tax funds can be saved for later use on qualified medical expenses.


Individual Health

When group plans are not an option, individual health policies from ATIG provide health benefits that can be directly purchased by an individual or a family.

individual life

Individual Life

If people depend on you for financial support, it’s important to make an educated decision about life insurance options with help from ATIG.

medicare supplement

Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement coverage from ATIG is designed to provide additional coverage to individuals who depend on Medicare for their primary insurance.

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Program Implementation

ATIG can assist with program implementation by customizing a wellness program specific to your employees’ needs and health care data.



The ATIG team understands that retirement is not one size fits all. We listen to your goals, timing, and lifestyle to find tailored retirement plans.

vision insurance


Covering individuals and groups, vision insurance from ATIG helps pay for vision-related services and treatments.

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Voluntary Benefits

ATIG has an in-house division focused entirely on voluntary benefits to determine which options will improve employee attraction and retention.



The ATIG team offers a variety of wellness programs to employers who want to proactively promote employee wellness and encourage healthy lifestyles.

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